Review CooYoo Quantum CR

CooYoo Quantum CR is a tiny flashlight made from copper material and powered by a 10180 battery with built-in battery charger and…

5 years ago

Klarus P1C, A Handy EDC Flashlight

I got this Klarus P1C flashlight from LightCastle and it took 3-4 weeks for shipping. Quite fast because sometimes it took more than…

5 years ago

Fenix E99 Ti (Limited Edition)

Fenix is very kind for sending me this pretty flashlight for Christmas gift, Fenix E99 Ti. I can’t be more…

5 years ago
Fenix HP 05

Fenix HP05 (Headlamp) Review

At the beginning of this year, Fenix sent me this headlamp for review: Fenix HP 05. Technical Specifiation: Small Size:…

6 years ago

Thrunite Ti Review

I don’t remember exactly when I bought these flashlights, I think it’s more than one year ago. I didn’t know…

6 years ago
Streamlight's Nano Light on my palm

Streamlight’s Nano Light

A few days ago, a good friend from Equator Knives sent me a tiny but –surprisingly– bright flashlight, a Streamlight Nano…

7 years ago
XPG-R5 and Orange Peel reflector

4Sevens Quark Mini 123

To be honest, this is my first “serious” LED light. I was a little bit nervous to spend USD 39 on…

7 years ago