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WUBEN H3, LED Headlamp with 2 axis CLIP

I was searching a lightweight headlamp with removable AAA batteries and found this Wuben H3 seems to be appealing. My preference for a headlamp in AAA format is the one(s) that uses two AAA....


Review Olight H05 Active (Orange)

Olight H05 Active is new headlamp line from Olight with distinctive vibrant color (available in orange, blue, green, purple, and black) and powered by two AAA batteries (included) with maximum brightness up to 150...


Review Skilhunt H03 (TIR optic)

Earlier this month, I received a Skilhunt H03 from Gearbest. It’s a 1200 lumens headlamp powered by a 18650 battery or two 16340 batteries. It can be used independently as flashlight by detaching it...


Fighting The Volcanic Ashes

At 13th of February 2014, a volcano located more than 200 km away from my hometown was erupted. I could clearly hear the sound of the erupted Mount KeludĀ at that night, sending eerie vibe...

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