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My Sunwayman P02A is dead

I received Sunwayman P02A about two months ago and now it’s dead. A week ago, I was about to visit my parent in law and planed to bring two flashlights for my brothers in...


Sunwayman P02A Penlight Review

I received a neat looking penlight from GearBest, a Sunwayman P02A penlight for review. This is a general EDC flashlight and has the same dimension as your regular ballpoint. Here are the technical specifications: Brand:...


Sunwayman C22C Short Unboxing Video

Sunwayman C22C short unboxing video. Sunwayman C22C Unboxing Video Unboxing a new flashlight is a lot of fun, so I made a short video here. You can also read my previous article about Sunwayman...