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Olight Haloop: UFO Camping Metal Light

Olight Haloop
Olight Haloop from Olight

Olight is releasing a new camping light for the outdoor enthusiast named “Haloop”. This UFO shaped camping light has a massive 8,800 mAh battery and dual color LED that will brighten your outdoor and indoor activities for a length period of time. It also has 18W Type-C output port so you you can charge your device at any time needed.

The most notable thing from Olight Haloop‘s design is a hole in the middle of the light so it can be attached/clamped onto any round pole and provide 360 degrees of illumination. You can also put it in a conventional way using the metal hanger located on the top or using the included strap. In short: Olight Haloop is very stylish, functional, and powerful.

Olight Haloop Specifications:

Body Material:Metal (Aluminum Alloy Plate + Wire)
Power Source:18 W or above
Max Performance:600 lumens
Charging Type:TYPE-C Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries:18500*4 / 1S4P / 3.6V / 8800mAh / 31.68Wh
Max Light Intensity:260 candela
Light Source:1900-2000k in orange light; 5000-5500k in white light
Weight:33.5 oz (950 g)
Height:3.80 in (96.5 mm)
Length:8.03 in (204 mm)
Width:7.80 in (198 mm)

Area of Usage

Olight Haloop is truly a multi purpose illumination device. It’s compact and easy to carry so you can carry it on your camping trip. With its large battery capacity, you will never run out power for your GPS device, camera, smartphone, or smartwatch.

The option of warm or cool white light color, combined with a 10 to 600-lumen output and stepless dimming, helps you effortlessly create the perfect ambiance for any occasion or provide the right light temperature and brightness for any task.

While at home, Olight Haloop is also useful for home decoration, garden light, car fixing light, party and so on. It’s available in three catchy color to fix your surrounding theme: black, clay beige, and forest green.

If there’s no round pole to attach the lantern around, you can use the round adapter and straps to attach it to anywhere you desire.

In an event of emergency, this lantern can last up to 10 days on lowest brightness. It’s also rain proof (IPX5 water resistance rating).


The Haloop is a UFO-like rechargeable metal umbrella light for users to enjoy the nightlife activities either outdoor or indoor. It has two LED colors, orange and white light, that users can choose according to their needs.

With the 8800mAh rechargeable battery pack, it will last throughout the night and can be used as power source to recharge your electronic devices using its USB type C output port.

The Haloop will last for years because it’s made from durable metal and other materials. It’s also rain proof (IPX5) and some accessories are included by Olight in the package as binding straps for different fitting options.

A tripod for Haloop is also available (sold separately) to use this lantern as desk lamp. The good news is you can also mount this lantern on your camera tripod.

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