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4Sevens Quark Mini 123

XPG-R5 and Orange Peel reflector

To be honest, this is my first “serious” LED light. I was a little bit nervous to spend USD 39 on flashlight, and could only buy it on Internet.

But everything was changed when the package arrived, I have no regret. An awesome flashlight at its size, small yet powerful. And beautiful.

Quark Mini 123


Powered by primary (non-rechargeable) CR123 battery, Quark Mini 123 able to throw out 180 lumens of light on its maximum brightness level (high mode).

The LED emitter is XPG-R5, combined with orange peel reflector, resulted a smooth and flood beam profile. Very suitable for EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight.

XPG-R5 and Orange Peel reflector


Flashlight operation is pretty easy, just twist the body. Fasten the twist will turn on the light, and loosen it will turn the light off.

It has 3 brighness level and 4 special modes. Switching to each mode can be done by turning it off and turn it on again within 2 seconds.

Low mode, as low as 3 lumens, will last for 6 days:

Quark Mini 123 on low mode


Medium mode, 40 lumens, will last for 8 hours:

Quark Mini 123 on medium mode

High mode, 180 lumens, will last for 1.2 hour:

Quark Mini 123 on high mode

I found two problems with this flashlight: It was difficult to get primary CR123 (3 Volt) and there’s no clip on its body.

After some research on the Net, I found that it’s okay to use RCR123 (rechargeable, 3.7 Volt) as long as I don’t operate in high mode for too long. Higher voltage will cause more heat that this flashlight can tolerate, and may burn its LED.

Solution for the lack of clip is by adding lanyard/fob using paracord. Not only as accessory, lanyard also helps me with the grip.

Quark Mini 123 with Lanyard

Now I see no cons at this little flashlight, it’s a perfect companion for me.

If you have the same flashlight or other thought, please leave a comment or two.


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