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Lumintop THOR4: LEP and LED in Single Flashlight

THOR4 is a multifunction outdoor flashlight from Lumintop that combines flood light (4 LEDs) and throw light (LEP) in a single compact flashlight. Both lights can be operated individually or simultaneously, makes it ideal...


Super Bright Flashlight from Lumintop: The Rattlesnake

To compete in lumen war and to provide flashlight fans with massive output flashlight for any outdoor activities, Lumintop is releasing their brand new 16,000 lumens flashlight named Rattlesnake. Rattlesnake is a multi-purpose USB-C...


Klarus EC20: Self Defense & EDC Flashlight

Klarus EC20 is an EDC light packed with power. With an incredible 1,100 lumen output and 200-meter throw, this flashlight gives you a great amount of power. Suitable for wide range of use, from...