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Sunwayman C22C Dual LED Flashlight Review – Part 1

Sunwayman C22C Dual LED Flashlight Review

Sunwayman C22C is a dual-light night traveler flashlight, equipped with two LEDs those are able to shine all together. Operated by just one single electronic button (side switch), each LED has three brightness levels and suitable for camping, hiking, or just for your everyday carry.

Well, actually there are 6 modes for the main light: Hi, Med, Low, Turbo, SOS, Strobe.

sunwayman c22c dual traveler light xml xpg 1000 lumens with side switch using 18650 or 2xCR123 battery

Thanks to GearBest for providing me this flashlight for review purpose.

sunwayman c22c dual traveler light xml xpg 1000 lumens orange peel reflector using 18650 with side switch


  • Main LED:
    • CREE XM-L2 U2, cool white, using OP reflector.
    • Turbo: 1000 lumens (3 mins).
    • High: 580 lumens (2 hrs).
    • Med: 130 lumens (10 hrs).
    • Low: 35 lumens (30 hrs ).
    • Strobe and SOS.
  • Side LED:
    • CREE XP-G2, neutral white, using optical lens.
    • High: 180 lumens (3 hrs).
    • Med: 46 lumens (9 hrs).
    • Low: 16 lumens (45 hrs).
    • Strobe and SOS.
  • Magnet on tailcap for easy attachment on steel surface.
  • Tungsten steel spike at the end of the tailcap, can be used for emergencies such as breaking a car window.
  • Uses one single 18650 or two CR123A batteries (working voltage: 2.8~8.4V).
  • Dimensions: 110mm (length) x 28mm (head diameter) x 25mm (tail diameter), Weight: 88g (battery excluded).
  • Military Specification Type III- hard anodized body.
  • Waterproof (IPX-8 standard).

Initial Impression

Just like its name, this dual light has two LEDs and made this flashlight kinda unique. Those two LEDs are capable to shine all at once.

sunwayman c22c xml white light and xpg neutral white shine altogether

The main light uses XML-L2 U2 LED (cool white) with orange peel aluminum reflector providing 1000 lumens on Turbo mode and will step down into High after 3 minutes to avoid damage caused by excessive heat from the LED emitter.

It has 6 modes including Turbo, SOS, and strobe.

sunwayman c22c main led xml l2 u2 1000 lumens cool white

Beam profile is considered as throwie, but still have plenty of light to light up the surround. I’ll post beamshots on another article to keep this article short and nice to read.

For side light, it uses XP-G2 R5 (neutral white) equipped with asperic lens made from non-glass material. It has 3 brightness levels, maximum 180 lumens on high mode.

sunwayman c22c side led xp-g2 r5 180 lumens neutral white has 3 brightness levels

Asperical lens gives nice floody light and suitable for any activity from a camping light, emergency garage light, or emergency lamp for your house.

When the battery’s drained out, a red light indicator will shown next to the side switch.

sunwayman c22c low voltage indicator red light turn on like ultraman

It won’t show the battery voltage level because there’s only one red LED. Don’t be fooled by the four dots next to side switch, they will just all lighted up.

This flashlight has memory function but will only work if we don’t change the light in use. Changing main light into side light (or vice versa) will replace previous memory.

With the help of a strong magnet inserted in the tailcap, we can use this light as working light or emergency light when fixing broken stuffs. Just stick it onto your refrigerator or any metal surfaces.

sunwayman c22c with strong magnet on tailcap to attach on any metal surfaces

Sunwayman also sells optional headband to use this flashlight as a headlamp.

Another feature worth to mention is a tungsten steel spike on its tailcap. I think it can be used to break a car window or any other glass in case of emergency.

sunwayman c22c has tungsten glass breaker to break glass and car window in emergency situation

I don’t want to be in an emergency situation but I really want to try this glass breaker someday.

Possible Modding

I never thought of modding this flashlight at the first place until I took a further look into the bezel on its head.

sunwayman c22c bezel is not twisted perfectly-possible for further modification

The bezel seems not perfectly screwed-in. With a little attempt, I was able to open the bezel and took out the lens and reflector.

sunwayman c22c possible using 20 mm noctigon-base led possible for triple nichia

Looking at its base plate, I’m thinking about replacing the original LED with triple Nichia on 20mm Noctigon copper plate.

sunwayman c22c disassembled teared down for further modification or led swap

Looking at disassembled parts above, I think the possibility is limitless here.

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