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Tutorial: Disassemble Surefire KX4 Head

SureFire KX4 head is an improvement for P60 flashlight from 80 to 120 lumens. It’s a great unit with sturdy build quality and virtually indestructible. I like it very much until I decided to...


My Sunwayman P02A is dead

I received Sunwayman P02A about two months ago and now it’s dead. A week ago, I was about to visit my parent in law and planed to bring two flashlights for my brothers in...


Donkey + Flashlight, Unmanned Farm Patrol

An elderly man in the Gaziantep came up with an ingenious solution to protect his pistachio orchard. He equipped his donkey with a flashlight wrapped around its neck and set it free in the...

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Taylor Swift’s Concert Bracelets Saved Lives

Elizabeth Dazzio was driving her sister and a friend home from Taylor Swift’s May 22 concert in Baton Rouge when she fell asleep at the wheel. The car crashed, knocking Elizabeth unconscious and leaving...


Where is Fenix HL23 reviews?

After using Fenix headlamp HP05 for several weeks or months, I realized that this headlamp is too much for my daily needs. It’s bright, it’s powerful, but it’s also heavy. Later I decided to get a...

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Idea: Building a flashlight runtime tester

There are many articles discussing about building DIY lumen tester and I came across an idea to build such device using Arduino and some light intensity detector module to test a flashlight’s runtime. Instead of...

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