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Tutorial: Disassemble Surefire KX4 Head

SureFire KX4 head is an improvement for P60 flashlight from 80 to 120 lumens. It’s a great unit with sturdy build quality and virtually indestructible. I like it very much until I decided to give it a new spirit.

I want to upgrade the LED without purchasing another conversion kit. The problem is that KX4 head is not designed to be taken apart.

After reading from various opinion in flashlight forums, I decided to try boiling method to disassemble this KX4 head. Several opinions said that the Loctite (glue) used to secure the thread is breakable by heat.

Here’s my successful method and I’m sorry for the crappy pics taken using my old smartphone.

First, I put water in a pot and boiled it. Right after the water is boiled, I put the KX4 head into the water and turned off the fire.

surefire kx4 water boil disassembly

I left it for about five minutes or so.

Next I’m using a needle nose plier to hook the notches on its plastic bezel. Twist it to the left and it opened. Need an effort but it’s not very hard.

surefire kx4 head disassembly

Remember, safety first. I used an oven glove to protect my bare hand from hot KX4 head. Picture above is reconstruction for photo shot only.

And here’s the disassembled Surefire KX4 head parts.

surefire kx4 head disassembled

I hope this trick is useful for you. Please do it at your own risk if you’re about to try this method.

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