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Flashlight on smartphone is getting worse

flashlight app on smartphone

flashlight app on smartphone

Non-flashlight users will normally say that “flashlight” application installed on their smartphone is a smart idea. But frankly, it’s a bad idea.Flashlight application in a smartphone most likely will consume more power than your phone should do in normal condition. It’s unreliable because it just give a dimmer light and resource wasting. In an emergency situation, we must use any resource (read: power from cellphone’s battery) efficiently.

And wait until you read this news..The Federal Trade Commission of United States charges the developer of “Brightest Flashlight Free” application (for Android) for shared user’s location and device ID without consumers’ knowledge.

It’s a privacy breach!From Washington Post: With location data and device IDs, an advertising company can stitch together information about a user across several apps, experts say. That would enable a marketer to follow a user who buys movie tickets for an Arlington theater on Fandango, makes an Open Table restaurant reservation at McPherson Square and likes the Facebook pages of Nutella and L.L. Bean.With the number of flashlight application in Play Store, we wonder if there’s any other developer who steal our data. Likely yes, but hopefully not.

Do you still believe with flashlight on smartphone?

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  1. kuro

    actually lumenzilla power are greater than lumen in this world and flashlight on hand phone made the life of the battery are shortened

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