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Streamlight’s Nano Light

Streamlight's Nano Light on my palm

A few days ago, a good friend from Equator Knives sent me a tiny but –surprisingly– bright flashlight, a Streamlight Nano Light:

Streamlight Nano Light

As tiny as peanut,  powered by 4 alkaline button cells (IEC-LR41), as bright as 10 lumens. For this size, 10 lumens is pretty bright.Here’s size comparison of Streamlight’s Nano Light and my house key. So small and perfect for keychain, replacing my old Thrunite Ti that went to my mother’s pursue.

Streamlight's Nano Light and key

See how small it’s on my palm (I’m an average asian man). It came with a decent non-rotating snap hook for easy one handed operation when attached to a keychain.

Streamlight's Nano Light on my palm

Don’t get deceived by its size, this Nano Light will provide enough light to brighten your way to parking lot, locating your stuffs in a dark room, and a lot more than you can imagine.When I tried a ceiling bounce test, I saw the brightness of a 5 watt bulb being turned on.

Streamlight's Nano Light beam profile

I have no information on what emitter they use, it looks like a normal 5 mm LED to me. But I wonder how come a common  5mm LED can be this bright.

Streamlight's Nano Light LED

A Nichia, maybe?

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