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Thrunite Ti Review

Thrunite Ti boxes

I don’t remember exactly when I bought these flashlights, I think it’s more than one year ago. I didn’t know how good these flashlight was, I bought it because there was a promo from Thrunite.

Thrunite Ti boxes

When they’re arrived, I realized that they’re awesome.

A sweet finger-sized flashlight, powered by 1 AAA battery, and 2 brightness levels (3 and 60 lumens). Thrunite Ti’s body are made from hard anodized aluminum and have nice knurling, make it easy to twist their head to turn the light on or off.

They’re small and light enough for key chain, I hang it everyday and never fell off from my motorbike. Thanks to its strong metal ring.

Thrunite Ti as Keychain

Albeit they’re small in size, they burst enough lumens for everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. With “throw” beam profile, it’s ideal for locating your vehicle out in parking lot.

Thrunite Ti beam profile

I bought more than 15 pieces for my friends, they’re more than happy to get it. A friend even use his Thrunite Ti for hiking and his flashlight was the brightest among others (most hikers carry an incandescent, a dimmer and resource wasting flashlight).

I also give one Thrunite Ti to my mother and she keep it in her pursue as her EDC flashlight.



  • Pretty cheap
  • Has 2 brightness level and easy to operate
  • Small and lightweight
  • Very bright at AAA class flashlight
  • Good material
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Some flashlights that I gave to friends, died after fell from their pocket

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