Klarus XT1C Beamshots and Summary

After reading my previous entry about Klarus XT1C features, you might expect this Klarus XT1C beamshots to come.

Unfortunately for this time I was unable to take decent Klarus XT1C beamshots because I’m quite new to this area after moving here few months ago. Next time I’ll get darker and longer area for better beam shot pictures.

Klarus XT1C Beamshots

All Klarus XT1C beamshots pictures are taken using Pentax Q camera, ISO 500, f/2.0, 0.3 seconds exposure without flash.

To give you perspective of how dark it was, here’s the control shot.

klarus xt1c beamshots control shot

I’m using default program on this flashlight, tactical mode, so it always starts with high output level:

klarus xt1c beamshots high mode

Another click brought the light into medium output level:

klarus xt1c beamshots medium mode

And last, lowest mode level:

klarus xt1c beamshots low mode

Lowest mode is not very useful for long range illumination but it will surely help on close range illumination.

There’s actually another mode, strobe, but I’m unable to capture it using my camera so I made video of it instead.

I will publish the video as soon as possible using my Youtube channel in my own language (Indonesian) but a subtitle will be added to helps foreign language speaker.

Klarus XT1C Summary

After using Klarus XT1C for couple of days, I can say that this is a great flashlight for both tactical and daily use. The option to select between “tactical program” and “adventure program” is an advantage and makes Klarus XT1C as a multi purpose flashlight.

A minor note that could be improved by Klarus is quality of the pocket clip. An integral or screw-mounted clip will be a plus. Adding extra length to the head/body will also help this light become a striking weapon for tactical use.


  • Lightweight and bright
  • Dual switches for quick access to particular mode
  • Programmable, user can choose between “tactical” or “adventure” program
  • A 16340 battery is included
  • Electronic switch


  • Pocket clip’s quality and knurling pattern design can be improved
  • Flashlight’s length is a bit too short


I love flashlights and anything that illuminates!

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