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Opus BT-C100 Digital LCD Battery Charger

Opus BT-C100 is a single port charger for Li-Ion, NiMh, and LiFePo4 batteries in any size, from 10440 (AAA size) to 32650. It also can be used as powerbank and has many other additional features.

I receive this Opus BT-C100 charger from Gearbest for review purpose along with monster flashligh Convoy L6.

opus bt-c100 digital output battery charger

Inside the box, there are the charger, 12 volt power supply, and a piece of operating manual sheet. Despite the ability to be used as power bank, micro USB cable is not included in the package.

opus bt c100 digital output battery charger package content

The power supply output is 12 volts and we can choose between US or EU wall plug.

The power supply itself is an optional power source because Opus BT-C100 can get power source from any USB ports like powerbank, phone charger, laptops, LED TV, etc. But then again, there’s no micro USB cable included so we must use our own micro USB cable.

Here’s how the charger look like, from several different angles.

opus bt-c100 digital output battery charger up side down

The charger uses classical slider construction to handle most battery sizes, from 33 mm up to 73.5 mm so we can use it to charge 16340 up to 18650 battery length.

opus bt-c100 digital output battery charger and 18650 battery

Opus BT-C100 has two buttons for operating the charger. I need several couple of minutes to fully understand how to operate the charger properly because it has several modes:

  • CHARGE: Charge batteries with 200 to 2000 mA (configurable).
  • DISCHARGE: Discharge battery with 100 to 1000 mA (configurable).
  • DISCHARGE REFRESH: Discharge and charge the battery for 3 times.
  • CHARGE TEST: Charge, discharge and charge the battery. It will show us the real battery capacity.
  • IMPEDANCE TEST: Measure the internal resistance of the battery.

Selected mode is shown on top left of its LED display while the detected battery type shown on top right.

opus bt-c100 digital output battery charger charging mode

When charging, we can select desired current from 200 to 2000 mA. With smaller current, it will take longer time to complete but will likely preserve our battery lifespan.

A cool feature I like from Opus BT-C100 is the ability to check battery voltage without any power supply attached. Just insert any battery and it will read battery voltage and display the result on the screen.

Unfortunately, it displays battery voltage information too fast. Less than one second.

opus bt-c100 digital output battery charger voltage check

As mentioned earlier, we can use this charger as power bank to charge any USB powered devices.

The power bank function will not run automatic as we insert the battery. To enable this function, press the CURRENT button until the USB status is ON.

opus bt c100 digital output battery charger how to enable usb powerbank

After the USB is ON, plug USB cable into the USB port and we can start charging.

opus bt-c100 digital output battery charger as powerbank charging smartphone

For the price, it is an awesome charger with many features almost near to a hobby charger. To fully understand how to use all of it features, read its operating manual again and again.

Opus BT-C100 Experience


  • Full featured charger at an affordable price (read: cheap).
  • One charger for any battery size and type/chemistry.
  • Can be used as power bank.
  • LED display gives useful information.


  • Not the easiest charger to operate.
  • No micro USB cable included.
  • The feel of the body material is not very solid.


If you’re looking for an affordable battery charger for various type of battery size and format — with power bank feature, Opus BT-C100 is an ideal option. But if you’re looking for an easy to use charger, I can say that you must spare a little time to learn how to operate this battery charger.

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