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Klarus G20 Miniature Searchlight Review

Klarus G20 is a compact search light with tremendous amount of lumens output. It utilizes CREE XHP70 N4 LED chip with a maximum output of 3000 lumens using 26650 battery included in the package.

I received this unit from Gearbest for reviewing purpose and this Klarus G20 been with me for about 1.5 months so I had enough time to play with it. Sorry for the late reviews, it was really busy days!

Here’s Klarus G20 arrived in a cardboard box:

klarus g20 in a box

Klarus G20 specifications are printed clearly at the backside of the box:

klarus g20 specification cover

Here’s what to expect inside the package:

  • A flashlight
  • A 26650 battery (5000 mAh) stored inside the flashlight
  • An USB cable (micro USB) for charging the battery directly
  • A lanyard
  • A nylon holster
  • Some papers (warranty card and manual book)

Since the dimension is quite big, a holster is the smartest way to carry this light. Although it’s pocketable but put this flashlight inside pocket pants is not a great idea.

klarus g20 package contents

Flashlight Overview

The flashlight dimension is a little big, but it makes sense because Klarus G20 is powered by a 26650 battery (included, 5000 mAh).

klarus g20 xhp70 on hand

Klarus G20 has two buttons. One at the tail cap and another one at the side of flashlight.

klarus g20 side switch construction

There’s a little LED under the side switch which used as battery indicator. It will lit green when the battery is full, yellow when 50%, and red if the battery is less than 30%.

Despite the amount of the switches, you don’t have to worry about flashlight operation because those two buttons have same functions. You may call it redundant but some people might found it comfortable.

klarus g20 tail switch construction

One key feature of Klarus G20 is the internal charging feature. It tooks just few hours to fully charge the battery using my laptop’s USB port using included cable.

You can also use any micro USB cable to charge the battery.

klarus g20 usb charging feature

As I mentioned earlier, the battery was stored inside the flashlight. To avoid accidental activation, they insert this insulation plastic that will disable the electric contact between the battery and the head.

klarus g20 26650 battery included


klarus g20 disassembled

When tried to disassemble the body, I found that there’s a “tube” inside the body.

I don’t know (yet) if this is used to merely deliver current from switch board to the driver or used as spacer to avoid battery rattling as well.

Here’s how they looks like in particular order:

klarus g20 installation structure

Flashlight Operation

Operating Klarus G20 is pretty easy and straightforward.

Just click any switch (tail or side switch) and it will be turned on based on the latest brightness level on previous operation. Another click will cycle the brightness level and a long press will shut it off.

operating klarus g20

One thing I like from Klarus G20 (as well as on other flashlights) is the shortcut to certain levels.

From off, hold the switch (tail or side switch) to access Turbo mode. It also has strobe mode that you can access by double press the switch from any mode (from on).

Klarus G20 also has switch lock out function to avoid accidental activation on accidental click on the switch.

Hold both tail and side switches for 2 seconds to lock the button. Click any switch 3 times rapidly and the flashlight will blink twice, it means the switch is unlocked.

On the specs, it’s said that with XHP70 N4 LED, Klarus G20 can deliver up to 3000 lumens output using included battery.

klarus g20 xhp70 led orange peel reflector

Beamshot Pictures

I managed to took beamshot pictures at a dark yard, unfortunately the area wasn’t too wide. The distance was about 20-25 meters, I wish I could get better place to took beamshot pictures.







Over all, Klarus G20 is a good search light in a compact size. It perform well, as it should. But I wish the material quality could be improved.

– Bright
– Single battery
– Battery included
– USB rechargeable
– Holster included

– Body material can be improved.
– A bit pricey

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